The Meaning of 立秋 in English Beginning of Autumn

  新闻资讯     |      2023-07-08 19:13


问题1:What is the meaning of "立秋" in English?

回答1:The meaning of "立秋" in English is "Beginning of Autumn". "立" means "to start" or "to begin", and "秋" means "autumn". Therefore, "立秋" refers to the beginning of autumn, which is a traditional Chinese solar term.

问题2:What are the characteristics of the Beginning of Autumn?

回答2:The Beginning of Autumn is characterized by the gradual coolness of the weather and the end of the hot summer. During this time, the temperature begins to drop, and people can feel the coolness in the air. The weather becomes more comfortable, and the days become shorter. The Beginning of Autumn also marks the period when farmers start to harvest their crops, and people start to prepare for the upcoming autumn and winter seasons.

问题3:What are the customs and traditions of the Beginning of Autumn in China?

回答3:In China, the Beginning of Autumn is an important time for people to celebrate and prepare for the upcoming autumn season. Some of the common customs and traditions during this time include:

1. Eating autumn foods: People in China believe that eating certain foods during the Beginning of Autumn can help to nourish the body and protect it from illness. Some of the popular foods include pears, grapes, and chestnuts.

2. Appreciating chrysanthemums: Chrysanthemums are a symbol of autumn in China, and many people enjoy viewing and admiring the beautiful flowers during this time.

3. Drinking tea: Drinking tea is a popular custom during the Beginning of Autumn, as it is believed to help regulate the body and keep it healthy.

4. Paying respects to ancestors: Many families also use the Beginning of Autumn as a time to pay respects to their ancestors and visit their graves.

问题4:How do people celebrate the Beginning of Autumn in modern times?

回答4:In modern times, the Beginning of Autumn is still an important time for people in China. While some of the traditional customs and traditions have changed, the spirit of the festival remains the same. Many people still enjoy eating autumn foods, appreciating chrysanthemums, and drinking tea during this time. Some families also use the Beginning of Autumn as a time to gather together and spend time with loved ones.